There’s plenty packed into DC’s Valentines Day special, with 80 pages featuring a plethora of characters and situations, all linked by romance, sweet sweet romance.

I’m not a big DC fan at the best of times, but even I was able to connect with the characters, with ten separate stories hiding behind the superb cover from Kaare Andrews. His subjects, Ivy and Harley, don’t appear until about half way through, but end up being the stars of the show with a fun and unexpectedly tragic tale called “The Beginning”, which I’m sure will eke out a few fan tears. Batman’s here, or course, as well as Nightwing, Starfire, The Flash, Hawkman and Hawkwoman, Green Lantern, Perry White (really) and a few more. The other standout besides “Beginnings” is, incredibly, a Sgt Rock world war 2 story called “Able”, which is very well crafted with a poignant ending.

Although I’ve singled out the two stories above, there wasn’t one contained within that I didn’t enjoy on some level. With all different writers and artists it is a mixed bag, to be sure, but kudos to DC for not allowing any rubbish in, and for keeping it accessible for the casual reader. Overall, it’s a neat collection that would make a great Valentines gift for your geeky other half. Love is in the air, and be it gay, straight, silly of serious, this collection has it covered.

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