INDIE NEWS – Sentinel Issue 6 goes LIVE

“Bad Kitty” the sixth issue of the popular indie title Sentinel, went live on Kickstarter today.

Written by Alan Holloway and featuring art from Sentinal debutant Morgan Gleave, it’s a rip roaing sci-fi comedy (it sez here) for all ages.

Space thief and general mischeif maker Carlos Harroson (names for Carlos Ezquerra and Harry Harrison) checks into the Midas Hotel with the aim of stealing a rare piece of mineral from the hotels owner Rover “Lucky Dog” Kingston. Yes, he’s an actual dog (it’s one of those books). In the end, though, he agrees to protact Rover from a vengeful ex sibling – a cat who is bumping off his former canine step siblings. The cat was fostered, by the way, nothing pervy here!

Featuring a space ship taken from a design by legendary rock group Cats In Space, plus plenty of action, humuur and refences to famous cartoon cats and dogs (plenty for Peanuts fans to be smug about spotting here), Bad Kitty is sure to be a winner.

“All-in-all, Bad Kitty feels like a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s  full of action with a lot of comedic moments sprinkled on the top. It’s  a hilarious tale of Cat Vs. Dog set within a sci-fi setting. With great  writing and a wealth of brilliant art, it’s easy to see why Sentinel is the 3rd best comic of 2020!” – Rob Lake: Geek Culture

“Alan Holloway’s script moves along – no cat napping there – and artist  Morgan Gleave is, quite frankly, the dogs bollocks on art duty.  All in  all a great comic for when it rains, erm, cats and dogs.  Support this  title – buy two and use one for the cats litter tray.” –

“Tongue in cheek and not taking itself too seriously, plot and script are  littered (heh) with dog and cat tropes and nods to classic strips.  There are homages to cartoons from our childhood and dearly departed  artists. ’77 regular Morgan Gleave’s art is bold, expressive and highly stylised, redolent of the NME and Self Made Hero  artist Jake, or perhaps a less intense Marc Hempel . It’s lovely work,  a great example of coherent storytelling with consistent and  recognisable characters.” – Luke WIlliams

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