Call For Submissions To The Saturday Comic Box


A modern way to enjoy your Saturday trip to the newsagents!

The ink is hardly dry on the 116 page ComicScene Annual and we have plans for our Christmas 2021 collection in place. No Annual – but 12 32 page comics all wrapped up in one box of comic goodness. The titles will include

Quantum – Sci Fi

Falcon – Boys comic

Emily – Girls comic

Ballistic – War & Spies

Outlaws – Crime

Screech! – Horror

Flame – Magic & Fantasy

Corker! – Humour

Flux – Time Travel & mystery

Hero 86 – Heroes

Tokyo – Manga

Emoji – Love & Romance

12 32 page comics. One box. Christmas 2021.

We are taking creator submissions for 6 to 8 page (or less) complete stories following any of the themes. New or established character driven stories. Get in touch by end of February 2021 if of interest with a short 150 words or less synopsis and one or two pages of sample artwork. E Mail

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  1. How do I submit my stories, please? I have one story with 6 pages of compete art (one page needs colour finishing, and I need to letter it), and one story with 4 complete pages of art (one page left to letter) and two pages currently being worked on. All written by and art by myself.


  2. How do I put forward my submissions, please? I have one story with six pages complete, so far (I do need to letter them and colour on one more page), and one story that has 5 complete pages, including lettering.


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