A very intersting one, this. From the pages of “Pink” magazine in the 1970s, it’s a series of self contained tales about a vain, nasty and glamorous woman called Sugar Jones (natch). Thrill as Sugar tries to nab a rich husband! Gasp as she tries to nab a dishy TV star! You know, that sort of thing…

The most interesting thing here is that it all comes from the pen of the Deathbringer himself, Mr Pat Mills! Before (and during) his time at 2000AD, Mills had some fun at Pink magazine, creating, with artist Rafael Busom Clua, a character that readers must have loved to hate but also loved to see humiliated each issue.

Publishers Rebellion have done a nice job here, with over 100 pages of Sugary snacks in a proper page size so that oldies only have to squint a bit at the 70s typewriter lettrting. The star here is Clua, whose art is gorgeous. He makes Sugar incredibly desirable, physically, with plenty of sex kitten poses that would have terrified parents and excited brothers. Sugar herself is a pretty see through character by necessity, a 40 year old masquerading as a 20 year old, terrified that her fans will find out and her fame ride will come to an end. The only one who knows the truth is her assistant, Suzie, who does her best to curb her bosses nasty plans behind the scenes whilst putting up with her catty vitriol nonetheless.

“The Best Of Sugar Jones” is a fun enough read, though it’s understandably hard for the character to have any sort of development. It’s easier to think of this as a grown ups version of a character from Buster, getting into a different scrape each issue but never changing. This means it’s a bit of a chore to read through in one go, but in short bursts it provides plenty of grins and entertainment.

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