Liam Sharp shares plans for the future

Liam Sharp has previewed artwork from a future project called ‘The Ghost In The Sword’ and announced his immediate plans for the future after his fantastic tenure on Green Lantern comes to an end.”

He said, “I’m now in my tenth year in the US, which seems impossible. What a time it’s been! Historic, ugly, beautiful, life-changing. I have recently considered returning home, but the Jury is still out. It’s nuts everywhere it seems! My focus is now squarely on producing the best work of my career, and continuing to grow as a writer, artist and storyteller. I’m on the last ten pages of GL. I have another series lined up – news soon! – and after that? Who knows. I hope it’ll be The Ghost in the Sword, the art of which I just previewed on here, but whatever it is, I’m excited and inspired!”

“Later in the year I have my third prose novel, Caged Aurora, coming out from Reuts Publishing. And there’s also going to be an Audible version of God Killers, read by Ian (son of Robert) Shaw, which is very exciting. It sounds amazing! And I’ve written a creator-owned six issue series which will be drawn by Simon Coleby, all being well.
I don’t think I’ve ever had so many things to look forward to.”

“I will, however, greatly miss working on GL. It’s been a joy working with Grant, who messaged me to say it was probably the best time he’s had in comics, and that he felt I had made him a better writer. It works both ways. I’m a much finer artist for working with him! Very humbling, and also rewarding. Onwards, into what I hope will be a better year for everyone.
Cheers all!”

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