Second volume of History of Comics at GetMyComics now

The second volume of the History of Comics Collection is out now at featuring the year 1977.

John Wagner talks about his career and the comics industry without mentioning 2000AD or Dredd, there are articles on 2000AD, Heavy Metal, John Byrne X Men, Star Wars Weekly, Cerebus plus regulars Comics & Culture, interesting memorabilia in the Comic Museum, the Top 10 Comics You Must Own, Reviews and Comic Facts from 1977.

You can still pick up the first book featuring the year 1984 with Barrie Tomlinson on Scream, Ian Gibson on Halo Jones, Transformers, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Supergirl and Captain America’s Arnie Roth, the first openly gay character in a mainstream US superhero comic.

All first four books are available at including Book Three 1950 and Book Four 1986.

If you join the Comic Club for £10 a month in January you will get all four books to binge read and save £4.99 per book – join here

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