Future Primitive on Kickstarter now

The crowdfunding campaign for the first issue of FUTURE PRIMITIVE MAG #1 is now live! Click here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/futureprimitive/future-primitive-mag-1
Set on the timeless continent of Ultima Pangea, on an Earth of strange mysteries and archaic races, FUTURE PRIMITIVE chronicles the adventures of Kulkan, the Neanderthal king of the Skybearers. In this first story, Kulkan battles to protect the all-powerful energy source his civilization worship as a God as he faces the rampaging Australopith Moon Klan!

First published by Markosia, FUTURE PRIMITIVE has been recoloured and will be released as a 56 page full-colour A4 magazine that recalls the 70’s mags like Heavy Metal, Savage Sword of Conan, Warren’s 1984/94, and Epic Illustrated, that inspired its original creation.
In the first issue we’re joined by the legendary DC/Milestone artist Prentis Rollins, who’s produced a fantastic variant cover. Other rewards include: a black and white edition of the mag, a set of concept art prints, t-shirts, and some of the original art pages by series artist Slobodan Jovanovic.
It’s been a dream to get the rights to FUTURE PRIMITIVE back, said series writer/creator Kevin Gunstone, and we can’t wait to further explore this crazy and highly visual world. From the very start, Future Primitive has been a labour of love for us. A creative challenge to produce a comic inspired by our passion for weird science fantasy, legendary adventure, and epic world and myth building.

Created by Kevin Gunstone (Writer) and Slobodan Jovanovic (Artist), with colours by Stefan Mrkonjic and lettering/design by Patrick Foster, FUTURE PRIMITIVE will be published under the collective banner of Studio Azoth.

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