2000AD, Dredd and Steel Claw in 2021

Rebellion will be making sure the dark nights of February fly by thanks to a hefty dose of Thrill-power

Issues of 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, and our new graphic novels are available to order from comic book stores from Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine, which is out now!

If you want to order any of these titles through your local comic book store, you must place your order by 24th December!

  • Prog 2217 on sale 3 February 2021
  • Prog 2218 on sale 10 February 2021
  • Prog 2219 on sale 17 February 2021
  • Prog 2220 on sale 24 February 2021

Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! In Progs 2217-2219, there’s dragon battles in the sky for Celtic warrior Slaine in ‘The Web of Weird’ by Pat Mills and Leonardo Manco; Durham Red fights for her life in ‘Served Cold’ by Alec Worley and Ben Willsher; Hershey risks becoming ever more twisted in her desire for justice in ‘The Brutal’ by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser; Proteus Vex is caught in a conflict in ‘The Shadow Chancellor’ by Mike Carroll and Jake Lynch; and there’s more future law enforcement with Judge Dredd!

Prog 2220 is the first of 2021’s 48-page Regened issues, the all-ages specials featuring both new and old characters. Cadet Dredd tackles another case, we meet the heroes of SF extravaganza Action Pact, learn about Mega-City One’s most notorious cat-burglar, and more!

32 pages, weekly, £3.10 (Prog 2220, £4.99)

Art by David Hitchcock & John Charles


On sale 17 February 2021

More action and adventure in the future-shocked world of Judge Dredd! A mystery woman has a connection with Dredd in ‘Destiny’s Child’ by Ken Niemand and Simon Coleby; Rico and Jara meet the reclusive Fargo in ‘Megatropolis’, by Ken Niemand and Dave Taylor; Judge Death gives his lieutenants Fire, Fear and Mortis new bodies in ‘Deliverance’ by David Hine and Nick Percival; ‘Dreadnoughts’ by Mike Carroll and John Higgins reaches its explosive finale; and the house gives up its secrets in The Returners: ‘Heartswood’ by Si Spencer and Nicolo Assirelli! Plus there’s interviews, features and more – and in the bagged mini-trade, reality goes amok in Judge Dredd: Traumatown by Mike Carroll and Nick Percival!

64 pages (+ bagged 64-page supplement), £5.99


  • ISBN: 9781781087695
  • 4 February 2021
  • UK £19.99
  • Pages: 304 // Paperback

The best-selling Judge Dredd graphic novel series continues with the most popular crossover story in its history – a tussle with xenomorphs from Ridley Scott’s Alien film franchise!

Mega-City One – a nightmarish enclosure located along the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Only the Judges – powerful law enforcers supporting the despotic Justice Department – can stop total anarchy running rife on the crime-ridden streets. Toughest of them all is Judge Dredd – he is the law and these are his stories…

Judge Dredd has brought countless monsters to justice but now the ultimate killing machines, cinema’s most famous xenomorphs, surface in Mega-City One and it may well be more than the Justice Department can handle!


  • ISBN: 9781781089033
  • 16 February 2021
  • UK £19.99 // US $19.99
  • Pages: 144 // Hardcover

In Night of the Devil, take a hallucinatory trip through the oppressive heat of the Burmese jungle along with British soldiers engaged in desperate skirmishes with the enemy. In Bayonet Jungle, Private Jack Green’s presence is seen as an omen of bad luck but he struggles to prove himself to the experienced soldiers of Third Platoon as they fight against the Japanese army that surrounds them.

Two exciting and explosive war stories lushly illustrated by Hugo Pratt, comics’ legend and creator of iconic character, Corto Maltese.


  • ISBN: 9781781089064
  • 4 February 2021
  • UK £14.99
  • Pages: 128 // Paperback

Louis Crandell was but a lowly lab assistant with a prosthetic, steel hand until an experiment gone awry results in a horrific explosion. Surging with electric charge which bestows Crandell the power of invisibility with the exception of his steel hand, so commence a series of uncanny thrills!

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