ComicScene Review: Roy of the Rovers Pressure

Out this week is Rob Williams and Lisa Henke’s latest Roy of the Rovers book ‘Pressure’.

It’s the finale of Roy of the Rovers season 2 and it’s another fantastic read. The quality of these comic books take them high into the Premier League and if you haven’t joined the team yet then get a season ticket. You won’t be disappointed.

A number of loose plots come to a conclusion, there is a mystery figure on the sidelines (harking back to early ‘mysteries’ in the original Roy of the Rovers) and there may be a new love interest in town. That’s all we are saying….

It’s been a hard struggle for Melchester Rovers over the last two years but things seem to be on the up. This is one footballer whose star is set to shine ever brighter for a few years to come. A great revision of the character – in fact, this is real Roy of the Rovers stuff!

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