Diary of a Comic Fan 1

From time to time I’d ‘blog’ a little more about projects and comics I’m reading.

I thought I’d start with something interesting which was the insights of our ComicScene Plus Facebook Group. I thought it might prompt a little discussion.

The majority of our readers, if they read comics between the ages of 8 to 14, probably read comics from around 1973 to 1989. I do appreciate many who follow the website and social media became obsessed with the hobby of collecting and reading beyond that! I was surprised there wasn’t more in later years but that might be a reflection of the age range of who uses social media. Certainly our readership survey had a higher percentage of people over 55 than our social media Facebook group interactions.

Also the overwhelming majority of our Facebook group members are men. That may reflect the content of our social media but does beg the question what did happen to all the readers of girls comics whose readership I believe was far in excess of boys comics between the same period?

What is clear is a decline of readers from the late 90’s of cheap, accessible weekly comics. Which prompts the question how do we embrace manga fans, bookshop readers of multi million sale comic books like Dog Man, a crowdsourcing indie comic renaissance and the inspiration for several comic book movies, TV shows and computer games which hardly existed in 1989?

Food for thought?

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