The GetMyComics Top 10 Comics from U.K. & Ireland

GetMyComics is the place to get all the latest US comic releases but over the last few years has become an outlet for new and creative talent from the U.K. and Ireland.

There is quite a collection on there just now with several new titles available just in time for Christmas or if you are looking for something to read during local circuit breaks.

Here’s our Top 10

Pat Mills SpaceWarp. From the creator of 2000AD you may remember Pat explaining how comics had forgotten the younger market in his ComicScene articles. You may have also read about the initial development of the series there too. Well, here it is. Finally in print after a digital release.
The final issue of ComicScene Magazine. Issue 13 is a celebration of 70 years of comics, the influential Eagle comic and the enduring appeal of Dan Dare Pilot of the Future. It’s been selling well in newsagents so make sure you get your copy.
Shift is a new anthology comic. It will appeal
to Marvel U.K. fans (it includes Simon Furman and Geoff Senior To The Death) and those who like a touch of indie comics. You will find it where ComicScene was on sale and ComicScenes new and indie comic coverage continues in the comic too.
The ComicScene Annual 2019 featured the prequel of ‘To The Death’. The 2021 Annual is a different beast altogether. All new stories featuring characters and creators who came to life through crowdfunding. it’s available in traditional U.K. annual hardback with cheaper options in softback and digital. Early indications for this book have been very positive. Order it for yourself as a gift for Christmas. Do it before the end of October to guarantee your copy in November. You can also get it here.
One of the characters in the ComicScene Annual is Dick Turpin. Steve Tanner and Roland Bird have produced an amazing graphic novel featuring the highwayman with a supernatural twist in the Vengeful Shade. It’s a classic!
Also from Time Bomb Comics is Brawler Issue 1. Inspired by Warrior comic this is one of the best anthologies out there. issue 2 is on Kickstarter at the moment so expect it on GetMyComics soon.
Another anthology, this time inspired primarily by 2000AD. The 77 hits GetMyComics with Issue 3. Issues 1 & 2 are also available. Issue 4 coming to Kickstarter soon.
The Sentinel reaches issue 4. Inspired by Starblazer the format allows anything from Sci Fi to fantasy to horror. So if Misty or Scream was your thing then Misty Moore is for you. A colour Christmas issue is due too.
There are some surprises at GetMyComics and Millsverse Carlos Ezquerra 2000AD and Judge Dredd Colouring Book is one of them. Great to while away the hours this Christmas!
And finally the first four books in the new ComicScene History of Comics 1930-2030 series. Covering 1984, 1977, 1950 and 1986 expect a 100 issue partwork. These four books are available in November to ‘binge read’. Again order before the end of October to get them in November. Alternatively you can get these and Shift comic each month and save £84 over the year as part of the ComicScene Comic Club Silver Age Membership here.
So here they all are. Get them today at GetMyComics

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