Dear Santa, I’m a real Comic Fan…

Dear Santa,

I’m a really big fan of comics. Love them. And I’ve been good this year. Really good. So if I could make a little ‘hint’ of a Christmas present or two for under the tree that would be great.

I hear there is a Christmas Annual this year. The ComicScene Annual 2021. Modern, with a retro twist. Sounds like a good read for all the family. I can put it on my list now from here need to order it soon to get it in November to wrap up

If people are feeling really generous I’d love to start my collection of the History of Comics. Plan is to keep me going for next ten years. I can get the first four books to binge read on Christmas Day or set up a direct debit now for £10 a month and I get it cheaper. If you’re feeling super generous make it £15 a month and I get the first new comic in, well, ages, called Shift! Or £20 a month gets me all the Specials too, including the Annual. I also get a nifty membership card! You can order them here.

That’s it Santa. It’s not a lot. It will keep me occupied during any more lockdowns. What a year. Better start thinking about my birthday now. Maybe a commission from a comic artist would be good. I hear you can contact them through a new Directory here.

Anyway good luck on delivering presents this year. Remember to sanitise your hands when going in and out of the chimney and say hi to Rudolph. I’m off to leave hints around the house now!


PS also available at

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