FanScene 6 is out now – for free

FanScene 6 is out now and can be download here

On his site David Hathaway Price, who puts it together, says this;

“Hoping in these strange times we’re living in, that another issue of FANSCENE might help to distract people from their worries (at least for an hour or two), I’m pleased to offer issue 6 of my extended love letter to British fandom.

Behind another lovely cover by Nick Neocleous, we celebrate 50 years since CONAN was first published by MARVEL, and 70 years since Dan Dare and his pals in the Eagle first saw the light of day.

Dana Marie Andra, Kyle Andrews, Enrico Ariis, Mark Wayne Barrett, John Freeman, Paul Gravett, Martin Hand, David Hathaway-Price, Bob Naylor, Nick Neocleous, Jim O’Brien, Steve Poulacheris, Jo Fletcher Roberts, Jay Slack, and Andy Williams, present art, strips, and articles on CONAN, Bantam the Barbarian, Superman, Rupert Bear, Thor, Dan Dare, Barry Windsor-Smith & John Buscema, Richard Sala, Curt Swan, Vernon Holding, Brian Lewis, Dan Druff, Frank Humphris, Oliver Frey, Advertising Tie-in Comics et al.

I want to extend my huge thanks to everyone who has given up their time to contribute to this venture. I was never sure that we would get to this point, but due to the generosity of the people above, and of many others over the course of the last couple of years, we’ve reached the end of the first volume of the zine.

Next issue I want to look at Strip zinesComix, and the Small Press scene;  any and all contributions would be very welcome.

As always, the PDF of this issue is free to download. The Mobile version is probably best suited to handheld or mobile devices, while the desktop version is larger and should be downloaded to your computer and viewed there. You are of course very welcome to print the zine yourself or have it printed for you. There will however also be the option of ordering it from the folks at the Artithmeric website later this month, who will print you off a hard backed version for a very reasonable fee. While there, and if you haven’t done so already, you might want to order issues 3, 4 and 5. 

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