Early Haunts Graphic Novel on kickstarter

The ghost story, one of the oldest forms of narrative which has terrified and intrigued audiences for millennia.
Now four early and inspirational ghost stories, mostly forgotten in the depths of literary history are brought together for the first time in one graphic novel adaptation for an exclusive hardback release.

These stories include
The Death Bride – An Italian Gothic Horror and a primary literary influence to Mary Shelley writer of FRANKENSTEIN.
The Wild Hunter – A German poem which acted as a major inspiration to Washington Irving, writer of SLEEPY HOLLOW.
The Dish House – a Japanese ghost tale, which inspired Sadako in Koji Suzuki’s THE RING
The House in Athens – The first appearance of a ‘chained apparition’, an inspiration to to Charles Dicken’s ‘MARLEYS GHOST.’

These haunting stories, which all have their roots in real life accounts and ancient folklore are lifted and translated from their unwieldy original text and adapted into a more readable graphic novel format to be enjoyed by a whole new audience.

All accompanied by the evocative work of four extremely talented illustrators.

A kickstarter for digital and hardback edition of this unique book launches Tuesday 8th September 2020

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