Commando Goes Global

Commando spans the globe in this set, featuring stories from the Balkans, Pacific Theatre, Malta,
and mainland Europe. Commando issues 5367-5370 — out now!

5367: Home of Heroes: Fear The Jackal!
Greece has fallen, and an unlikely pair of survivors find themselves washed up on the shores of Yugoslavia. But Aussie Sergeant Hutchings and British Lieutenant Robertson must put aside their differences and help a notorious partisan band if they ever want to make it home from the mountains. The hills may be crawling with Italians but The Jackal is gradually picking them off!
Featuring a dynamic cover by Neil Roberts and gritty interiors from Klacik and Muller in a new story by Jim and David Turner.
| Story | Jim & David Turner| Art | Klacik and Muller | Cover | Neil Roberts |
5368: Gold Collection: Tail-End Charlie
Aussie Major Ted Carson has heard a lot about ‘Pommies’, so isn’t best pleased when he’s made to team up with the British in an attempt to wipe out the Japanese guns on the island of Kublai. With a disastrous start to the mission to save the Allied Fleet, it looks like all may be lost, until both teams realise the other will do anything it takes to take out their common enemy.
There’s no end to action in this classic story by Spence, with interiors by Martin and a striking Ken Barr cover.
| Story | Spence| Art | Martin | Cover | Ken Barr |
Originally Commando No. 174 (1965).
5369: Action and Adventure: Flight to Freedom
The Siege of Malta sees British pilots Maddock and Wintrell in an endless cycle of dogfights and dodgy landings to hold the Axis powers at bay. But when the pair are rescued from disaster by the intriguing Italian Captain Fattorini, they are determined to escape their captivity and rejoin the fray.
They don’t know why the Russian is there, but they’re happy to have him along. This light-hearted but pacey adventure from Andrew Knighton captures the intensity of the fighting around Malta, with a fiery cover from veteran artist Ian Kennedy and exceptional interiors by Morhain and Defeo.
| Story | Andrew Knighton | Art | Morhain and Defeo | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
5370: Silver Collection: Bravery!
With a story that spans Medieval France to the Second World War, a mysterious family goblet is rumoured to grant enormous courage to any who drink from it. As WWII begins, brothers Claude and Georges Vaubois have differing mindsets to war, and while Claude bravely presses the Nazis from the air, his brother finds himself alone and in exile in his home country, hiding from any who might see him. That is until the fateful day their father is captured and only the words of a good friend and a drink from a strange cup can convince Georges to move past his fears…

An elaborate classic by CG Walker with interiors by CT Rigby and cover by Ian Kennedy.
| Story | CG Walker| Art | CT Rigby | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1576 (1982).

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