ComicScene Review: The Megazine

Thirty Megnificent Years of the Megazine Issue. Is it magnificent? It’s pretty good.

A scarily realistic Dredd by Greg Staples invites you in with a return to the legacy of America in a story by John Wagner, Colin MacNeil and Dan Cornwell. Always good value (and a timely advert for the new Judge Dredd Essential America collection)

New strip Megatropolis by Kenneth Niemand and Dave Taylor lives up to its initial promise. Dreadnoughts by Mike Carroll and John Higgins edges it as my favourite strip, set in the early development of the Judges.

There are outings for characters like Judge Anderson and Judge Death all rounded off with a twenty page ‘musical’ for the consistently strong fan favourite Lawless by Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade.

A strong 30th celebration for the Megazine, the release of the Battle special (also featured in the Meg) and a jump on Prog for 2000AD next week (with a promised surprise!) means Rebellion is currently firing on all cylinders. Let’s hope we all have another thirty years in us!

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