ComicScene Annual 2021 confirmed

ComicScene are to launch a hardback annual for Christmas 2021. The Kickstarter campaign begins in August.

The Annual will feature all new stories from established characters you may know from over twenty creative teams. Over the next fortnight we will announce who they are but keep watching social media to hear from the creators themselves as they announce their involvement.

Publisher Tony Foster explains, “We ran some strips in ComicScene Magazine like Captain Cosmic, Milford Green and Flintlock. People loved them but some may have read them before. Readers said they’d be more interested in a dedicated publication with all new strips.”

“I had a chat with Steve Tanner at Time Bomb Comics about the idea of doing all new short stories featuring creator owned characters from successful kickstarters or indie titles. We thought about an initial hitlist of people worth approaching. Thankfully most said yes.”

“The brief was to do a spin off or short story featuring well known characters like Captain Cosmic, Dick Turpin or Shaman Kane for an ‘event’ book. The ComicScene Annual 2021 will be available in November, just in time for Christmas.”

“Working as a collective I hope people will get a good read and creators get a return on their work without the added pressure of running a kickstarter. They get the opportunity to play to their strengths and create something great. Fans of their characters get a bonus story and may discover something new to enjoy too.”

Expect more details and content of the ComicScene Annual 2021 over the next couple of weeks.

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