Pat Mills in i paper on SpaceWarp

In today’s i paper Pat Mills talks about SpaceWarp and many of the comics he has been involved with. Read the article here.

Pat, of course, has written for ComicScene Magazine, features in the ComicScene State of Independents Yearbook 2020 (get it at Get My Comics talking about SpaceWarp and his work and career is due to be featured in the new History of Comics 1930-2030. Join the kickstarter here.

ComicScene are also supportive of the campaign to get kids reading comics for enjoyment as well as improving their reading, vocabulary and inspiring creativity. So much so we’ve started KCBC – the Kids Comic Book Club – a monthly subscription club in which you get a membership pack and membership card, a specially selected comic once a month, comic books went for members birthday and Christmas and secret access to our website giving access to more news, offers, competitions and a place for kids to share their comics and drawings too. More details here.

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