Vworping good

Good afternoon, Vworpsters! Available to preorder in a few days’ time, a new edition of the long out-of-print first two volumes of* Vworp Vworp!*. Weighing in at a bumper 192 pages, highlights of this expanded compilation include:

• a updated cover, now with added John Ridgway, John Ross, Brian Williamson, Scott Gray and Daryl Joyce;

• a rediscovered Doctor Who spec strip from 1978 drawn by Brian Bolland, newly restored and coloured;

• interviews with comic art legends Steve Dillon, Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd, recounting in detail their time on so many seminal early Doctor Who Weekly strips;

• a brand new article by Alan Stevens on Doctor Who and the Star Beast: was Beep the Meep the only guilty party?

• the last word on the mid 90s *Cybermen *strip with its creators Adrian Salmon, Alan Barnes and Gary Russell;

• Doctor Who Magazine’s many cartoonists interviewed, from Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett to its latest, Lew Stringer;

• Abslom Daak explored in detail, including conversations with all his creators including Steve Moore, an approved recreation of the lost Daak script World of the War-King drawn by Martin Geraghty and, for the first time in print, the complete script to part one of Abslom Daak… Dalek-Killer;

• an exclusive chat with industry legend Mick McMahon, together with an artist-led analysis of his legacy;

• Community, Parks and Recreation and Rick and Morty’s Rob Schrab on the Doctor Who comic strip;

• the creation of the weekly comic that would become Doctor Who Magazine, plus interviews with every editor from Dez Skinn to Sheila Cranna.

The compilation also comes with FREE GIFTS: two A2 posters featuring a clean copy of the artist jam artwork, and newly restored and coloured Abslom Daak artwork by the legendary Steve Dillon.

We’ll let you know when Vworp Vworp! Volumes One and Two is available to order from vworpvworp.co.uk

Please share!

PS So… The new bits are the Brian Bolland strip and article, the Alan Stevens article, the Rob Schwab article, the Lew Stringer interview, the Abslom Daak script and the posters. There’s also some new artwork, and we were never happy with the colours and lack of texture on Paul Magr’s lovely The Housekeeper strip, so that’s been revisited too. I’ve also taken the opportunity to rework various bits, like the Doctor Who Weekly paperwork, which is now a more reader-friendly size.

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