Fantastic Adventures Available now

Hibernia is back and proud to present the fifth in its Comic Archive series ‘Fantastic Adventures’!

The Comic Archive series explores the lesser known and forgotten hidden gems of British comics, full of interviews, articles, lost and previously unpublished art, print copies available to buy now, here!

Fantastic Adventures’ focus is on comics that never quite made it, failures on the launchpad like Tony Luke’s ‘Renga’, David Lloyd’s Fantastic Adventure, and Humour comic OhNo! Ex Eagle Editor Derek Lord’s attempt to release a worthy succssor to the Eagle over three decades, as well as the comic that led to Roy of the Rovers losing his leg, are all included.

20000 AD’s Zarjaz and the Judge Dredd Comic is also featured, which contained Alan Moore’s Badlander, Carlos Ezquerra’ B.A.D. Company, Helltrekkers (with Robin Smiths Helltrekker designs), Ian Gibson’s lost Dredd tale ‘Blood Cadet’ and much more!

Also included are interviews with creators like Gerry Finley-Day,(!! yes THE GFD!) the Spanish artist known as ‘Vanyo’, humour artist Robert Nixon and Battle Editor Terry Magee.

Contributions from Peter Hogan, Frank Wynne, Si Spencer, Beverly Henry, Barrie Tomlinson and unpublished work from Steve Yeowell, Grant Morrison, Robin Smith, Dean Ormston, Will Simpson, Mike Western, John Ridgeway and more.

If that’s not enough we have an in-depth look at Fleetways ‘Revolver’, a plethora of pages of unpublished art from that publications, a Brian Bolland board game, Ron Smiths OTHER newspaper strip, and the super rare Manga Judge Dredd!

And just to put the icing on the cake, FOUR , yes FOUR more unpublished pages from the legendary Scream Comic!

All this and much more is wrapped up in a cover by Dean Ormston. With 92 packed pages – colour throughout, prestige format, its unmissable

No kickstarters, these are printed and ready to buy, print copies are only available from

Digital editions are also available for £5 as a PDF or £13 for all five Comic Archive, (hundreds of pages of essential British Comic reading). Send payment by paypal to clearly marking the payment ‘Comic Archive PDF’ The file will be emailed within a day of payment being received.

These sell out fast, our last publication sold out within a week, and we are already working on our next publication so reprinting is low on the priority, dont miss out!

These will be posted from Ireland , please allow two weeks for delivery but it usually is within a week.

Postage is charged at cost.

Here’s what folk thought of our previous Comic Archive editions.

‘An essential book for anyone interested in the history of UK comics and the workings of IPC of the period.’ Lew Stringer on ‘One-Eyed Jack and the Death of Valiant’

‘It is indeed an excellent selection of articles and interviews, and some very welcome artwork and images’ Forbidden Planet Blog on ‘Beyond 2000 AD’

‘Ten tombstones out of ten for this superb publication which is possibly the best thing I’ll ever read’ Down The Tubes’ Ian Wheeler, on ‘It’s Ghastly’

‘Lovingly put together and researched by people with a genuine affection for the material.’ ‘Cool stuff you will like’ Blog, on ‘Fleetway Files’

Hibernia is an independent publisher based in Ireland (with a strong Scottish influence) and has long championed classic British comics.

Over the years alongside the Comic Archive series Hibernia has published several collections, including Domlord, The 13th Floor, The Tower King and more. Last year Hibernia teamed up with ‘The Treasury of British Comics’ to publish ‘Cosmic Comics’, a Kevin O’Neill miscellany which was Hibernia’s fastest selling title and sold out within weeks. Future collaborations with the ‘Treasury of British comics’ are in the works.

Hibernia are; David McDonald- Publisher, Editor and writer,

Richard Pearce Designer, Reprographics and writer,

with Mike Donachie, Article Editor.

Hibernia can be contacted at;


Twitter: @hiberniabooks

Facebook: @hiberniacomics

Instagram: @hiberniabook

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