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5339: Home of Heroes: Siege of Musa Dagh

All eyes watched the First World War raged on, but in the background, there were disturbing
rumours of a humanitarian crisis in the midst of the Ottoman Empire. Secret Service agent Aaron
Hassan thinks he can chalk it up to a day’s work, but the barrel of a Gewehr 98 and the woman
behind it soon change his mind! In a frantic escape across Aleppo, Aaron tries to get Suzanna, Karine and the intelligence he carries to Musa Dagh, but he doesn’t recon on assassin, Omar Konevi! With a story by new writer R Tate and art from Commando veteran Manuel Benet!
| Story | R Tate | Art | Manuel Benet | Cover | Manuel Benet |

5340: Gold Collection: Death Flies Fast
Classic Commando alert with Gordon C Livingstone interior art and a Ken Barr cover! On the ground or in the air, Powell’s heroes were a pair of fighting fools. On civvy street, Mike Tulley and Terry Stark were bitter rivals for the middleweight boxing title. Then, in wartime, as Spitfire pilots they were never done trying to outfly and outfight each other — whether or not they died in the attempt.
| Story | Powell | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Ken Barr |
Originally Commando No. 184 (1965).

5341: Action and Adventure: Retribution!
Our resident writer from Down Under, Brent Towns teams up with interior artists Klacik and Muller to create an epic tale of revenge in the First World War. Across the battlefields of Gallipoli and the Western Front, Aussie soldier Charlie Grubb will fight to survive — and to find and kill the man who murdered his father!
| Story | Brent Towns | Art | Klacik and Muller | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5344: Silver Collection: On Target!
This Silver Reprint is from 1981! With a stunning cover by British comic art legend Ian Kennedy, this Commando features a soldier who couldn’t fire a rifle straight, but give him a crossbow and he could shoot a feather out of the air!
| Story | Staff | Art | Blasco | Cover | Ian Kennedy |
Originally Commando No. 1544 (1981).

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