Julia Round on Mega City Book Club

This week the wonderful Mega City Book Club speak to Dr Julia Round who has written a fascinating book about the comic Misty. She shares some of her insights into how gothic works in British girls’ comics and they also discuss the four Misty collections released so far by the Treasury of British Comics. Even ComicScene get a mention or two!

Do check out Julia’s work and her Misty database on her website, and please get in touch if you can help with the hunt for some of the unknown writers. Dr Round’s book Gothic for Girls: Misty and British Comics is available from all good bookshops, and the four Misty collections are available from the 2000AD online store.

You can find a list of Mega City Podcast episodes so far and all the upcoming books on the Facebook page, follow the podcast on Twitter, and on instagram, or email host Eamonn Clarke comments and suggestions to MCBCpodcast@gmail.com

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