ComicScene launch kickstarter for History of Comics

ComicScene has launched a kickstarter for a major new project – the History of Comics 1930 to 2030 Part Work.  Each prestige format book will cover one year of comic history.  The first four books will cover 1984, 1977, 1950 and 1986.  You can also get a slipcase to keep your books in.  The kickstarter can be accessed here

Everyone who signs up for the ‘part work’ will also become part of a regular ‘Comic Club’ and will get additional extras and offers as part of their subscription.

The Part Work has been planned Pre-Covid 19.  Publisher Tony Foster said today, “Following feedback those interested in comics are keen to see more indepth coverage of comic history.  We think this format, giving an overview of each year and looking indepth at UK, US and worldwide comics will be welcome.  Throughout the run we will also capture comics published before 1930 and comic history that isn’t even written yet.  We hope this will be a highly collectable 100 issue series for any comic fan, library, school or university.”

The first four volumes include 1984, to tie in with the year the new Wonder Woman film is set, 1977 when Star Wars came out and the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic 2000AD was launched, 1950 and the launch of Eagle and 1986 when a number of classic comics were launched including Watchman and Batman the Dark Knight. The books will also cover pre 1930, all the way back to the 16th Century, as well as the cultural backdrop of each year, best selling comics, comic price guides and fandom during each year.

Tony continued, “The format is significantly different from ComicScene with a book feel, modern design and a slipcase to store four editions in if you wish.  Articles will be by comic journalists, specialists, academics and comic creators with new insights that may well surprise you.  Four issues will be sent out every four months so you can ‘binge read’ the featured years.  It will build up to be the definitive history of comics, capturing this exciting time and the golden age of comics.”

“This is our first kickstarter for a publication. The kickstarter also gives you the opportunity to make a donation if you like the idea. All support is greatly appreciated at the kickstarter here.

ComicScene, who have just re-launched their website at, will offer the limited edition History of Comics 1930-2030 series through kickstarter in the first instance. ComicScene will also be involved in producing and supporting comic specific titles with a annual due for Christmas 2020, Summer Special in 2021 and the Comic Club offering exclusive advance notice and discounts on comics related activity.

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