Roy of the Rovers – a game of two halves

Originally planned as a Euro’s special a new comic featuring Roy of the Rovers is out on 10th June. The Roy of the Rovers Summer Special 2020 from Rebellion announces football is back! Also back is the legendary Roy of the Rovers artist David Sque! What a result! Author Tom Palmer, writer Rob Williams and features by Seb Patrick are promised.

David’s artwork can also be found alongside the work of Yvonne Hutton in the next Rebellion Roy of the Rovers collection. Joining books from the 1950’s and 1960’s we now go back to the 70’s. From Tiger 1973 to 1975 and a series of stories by Tom Tully.

The seventies was a very turbulent time in Britain. Following on from the optimism of the sixties, the country faced a decade of strikes and power cuts. Luckily for the fans of Melchester Rovers, Roy Race and his loyal time mates provided great moments of glory for their fans, starting with European Cup final win in 1973 in the year that the club celebrated its 50th anniversary.

It was the decade in which footballers became real superstars a time when Melchester goalkeeper Charlie Carter had to choose between staying at the club or perusing a burgeoning career as a pop singer.  And it was a period when Roy Race truly cemented himself as the heart, soul and brain of the club by taking on the role of player manager.

The book is out 11th June and all the Roy of the Rovers latest fixtures can be found here

Also over the next month there is a Roy of the Rovers writing kit to download free. The first five chapters are already available here

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