ComicScene: The 77 Review

A great retro cover, down to the name written in the top right hand corner (newsagents – what were you thinking!) welcomes you to the ‘77. I’ve even left my badge on – that’ll be worth something in a few years time. It’s Revolver style format, if you are old enough to remember that, and great quality.

We’ve been following the development of the 77 for the last year so it’s nice to see it finally become a reality.

A strong self contained ‘future shock’ style strip by Alan Holloway and Neil Blackbird Sim kicks us off followed by superstar editor Steve (ex-Tharg) MacManus ‘The Tinkling Triangles’ with art duties by Brendon T Wright. It’s colourful, it’s comedy, it has a billboard with ComicScene in it. What more could you ask for?

Mal Earl’s ‘Prodigal’ is up next. Exciting chase, bit of blood and a neat final page set this up for great times ahead.

Cover star V comes from Steve Bull and Ade Hughes presenting a black and white strip with touches of the comics 2000AD inspiration in it, followed by Techno Freak fresh from the indie comic series. A modern Pink Panther style romp its a welcome diversion from another 2000AD inspired story Division 77. Not only has that story got a robot soldier army but a timely killer virus! When science fiction becomes science fact!

More black and white work from Conor Boyle and Kek-W with the Screaming Hand – the Steel Claw meets Misty comic this is pure old school and wouldn’t be out of place from one of Rebellions current crop of comics.

The dependable Michael Powell and Phil Elliott present a heavy Brexit inspired future story and Paul McCollum and Ed Doyle lighten the mood with Have Blaster, Will Travel.

A quick visit to the world of Penny Pentagram ( she deserves a major series!) then Edge of Extinctions Baden James Mellonie and Steve Austin bring us ‘Angel’ which looks like it may be an ongoing series. It’s quickly followed by shorts from Whackoman artist Marc Jackson in his own, unique style, Drew Marr with ‘Key Runners’, Dave Bedford and Morgan Gleave on ‘the Tempered Cursem and one of my favourites from the comic ‘Sgt. Shouty of the Moon Force’, a strip that is right on the money for the ‘retro’ inspiration for the 77.

Full marks to all the letterers and colourists involved and all the backers listed in the inside page. One of my favourite 2000AD artists of all time, Ian Gibson, provides a back page poster and some tin pot rag goes on and on to wrap up a great achievement.

You can get the tin pot ComicScene Magazine and the colourful ‘77 at Get My Comics here.


  1. Kind words Tony – we stand on the shoulders of Giants!
    Look out for our next Kickstarter beginning on 13th June
    Issue 2: The Summer Special! is expected 16th August

    Editor of The77


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