Commando Continues to Entertain

Commando, Britain’s longest-serving war comic, has continued to entertain loyal readers despite the current coronavirus pandemic.

Publishing since 1961, Commando remains focused on stories of action and adventure as a source of entertainment and light relief for readers, who love the comic’s tales of camaraderie and strength in the face of adversity.

And the comic has even released a special digital issue which is free to download.

The digital edition features a three-page cover gallery showcasing 12 covers in total and a specially made montage of interior artwork by Manuel Benet. It also includes a complete 63-page action story, ‘Red Snow’, which sees German and Russian soldiers trapped by a blizzard on the Russian steppes outside Stalingrad.

With all of the team and artists working from home, it has taken extra effort to publish and distribute the comic each week. Some of Commando’s illustrators are from overseas, including Spain and Italy. Although these areas have been badly hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the artists are in good spirits, and have met every deadline for their work.

Paolo Ongaro, a Commando artist from Italy, said, ‘I don’t want to complain too much, I’m one of the lucky ones – I get to spend the days in my studio and continue my work of Commando which is a passion for me.’

Commando released a number of VE Day special issues this month, and an 80th Anniversary special on the Battle of Dunkirk is due to be released soon.

The next few months sees a number of particularly special historical anniversaries take place, including the 80th anniversary of the Formation of the Home Guard and British Commandos, and the 80th anniversary of Battle of Britain. Commando comic will mark these historic events in true Commando style, with great cover art and brilliant stories.

Alexandria Turner, Editor-in-Chief of Children’s’ Magazines and Comics at DC Thomson Media, said, ‘In true Commando spirit, the team and contributors have responded well to current circumstances. The special digital edition offers Commando readers, and comic fans, an opportunity to enjoy our stories in a different medium, ensuring we continue to entertain during these uncertain times.’

Commando is available to download here.

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