Comic Cover dated 13th May – Starlord Issue 1

Starlord lasted for 22 issues, 1 summer special and 3 annuals but it’s influence is felt throughout its stable partner 2000AD. It was here that stories such as Strontium Dog (about to be reprinted by Rebellion) and Ro Busters (followed by ABC Warriors) started their epic comic book journeys.

The title launched in 1978, a year after 2000AD. Two science fiction titles split the market and the decision was to axe Starlord, despite it outselling the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic at the time. The production values on the comic were too costly, which is why it was given the chop.

Lew Stringer looks in-depth at issue 1 of Starlord on his Blimey blog here.

With the free gift this first issue of StarLord could go for around £18 with the Summer Special around £25. A complete collection of comics is about £50.

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