ComicScene Survey RESULTS

Thanks to everyone who took part in our survey (or community participation exercise, to be exact!)

We thought we’d share the results with you. This will inform changes to the magazine and future publications, website and social media over the next few months.

The sample size gives us a 85-95% accuracy on results and reflective not only of our readers who but comic fans in general.

We asked what media you check regularly (websites, blogs, podcasts).

Over thirty were mentioned but a few stood out much more than others including ComicScene, Facebook/Twitter for comic news, Down The Tubes, Bleeding Cool, Newsarama, Comics UK and CBR.

What do you think of the price of the magazine?

In terms of our cover price 76.5 per cent thought it just right with 6% willing to pay more!

How old are you?

Under 25 – 2%

35 to 45 – 9.1%

45 to 54 – 55.7%,

55 to 64 – 26.1%

Over 65 – 6%

Where do you buy the magazine?

41% bought the magazine from Get My Comics and initially from our tictail site

9.8% Comic Shops

38% newsagents (although like most magazines we sell 85% via newsagents – suggesting a large percentage of ‘casual’ readers who do not participate on social media or engage with comic websites/online)

Others in stores overseas and less than 2% in digital.

Would you be interested in a historical comic part work?

83% of people would be interested in our historical part work which, along with comments, will reflect our editorial approach moving forward

Comics that people read (or did read)

There were many but the ones that stood out were


Marvel UK/Captain Britain,



Whizzer and Chips (Buster and Beano a close second)


General comments

The comments about the magazine were all generally very positive with many of you having nothing negative to say. Anything negative was suggested in a proactive way with a recognition the magazine has got progressively better since our early issues. Although you recognise the design was capturing a slicker ‘fan’ feel and reviews were left to online sites you would like a ‘cleaner’ design and some form of reviews in the future.

Although people think the balance has been okay between strips and features you are more comfortable with a features led magazine or a strip led magazine rather than a fusion of both.

Historical features and Pat Mills column were your big favourites. You are more inclined to read a magazine that includes articles on comics, characters, writers and artists that you perhaps are unfamiliar with than what you did/did not like. You’d like a little more US comic coverage.

You have purchased comics that you may not have done by reading the magazine including indies, small press and several UK reprints.

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to read the survey. We are announcing a few changes and offers to those who sign up to our newsletter over the next few weeks. If you haven’t yet signed up there is time here

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