Panini announce new UK Batman title

Panini have announced a new UK Batman title – the first since Titan stop publishing DC titles last year.

The caped crusader has been protecting the streets of Gotham City for over 80 years and Batman: Tales of the Dark Knight brings you some of the greatest Batman stories ever told. Every 52-page issue contains two great adventures from the Dark Knight Detective’s casebook.

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  1. Great news!

    Titan really screwed up the DC licence. There were reprint errors, errors pertaining to next issue sale dates (one comic had a next issue sale date for the NEXT DAY), titles going on mysterious hiatuses, etc. Titan never kept their social media feeds or website update so no-one knew what was going on. And then there’s SUICIDE SQUAD morphing into TEEN TITANS GO!

    They announced a SCOOBY APOCALYPSE title in 2018. Three issues were published. The fourth issue was an Aquaman one-off. Then they retrospectively announced it was a ‘mini-series’. They did not have a clue how to handle the DC licence – not to mention the likes of STAR TREK MAGAZINE going on hiatus for about 5 months with no communications with their readers. Right now, Titan’s Facebook feed is filled with people who’ve been chasing DC subscription refunds for months. Such a world away from Panini.

    I enjoyed the DC reprint titles that London Editions Magazines/Fleetway (part of Egmont) put out in the 80s and 90s. Panini did a stellar job with their BATMAN LEGENDS title from 2003 to 2006. Sadly, Titan took over in 2006 – and it was all downhill since. Their DC reprints were an afterthought, it seemed. How else do you explain the numerous reprint errors, next issue sale date errors, unexplained hiatuses, etc? It looked like they didn’t care. Even Bleeding Cool covered Titan’s inept handling of the DC licence in an old blog.

    So it’s good to see a DC title back at Panini. Hopefully the first of many. Be nice to see a Superman and JLA CE in the future. I wish Panini luck. Even in the digital age, I think the “curated” nature of reprints, and the engaging nature of the Panini editors, makes the reprints something special.


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