Happy 40th Birthday Bananaman

Happy Birthday to Bananaman!

Bananaman! launched into comics history 40 years ago on the back page of Nutty comic from DC Thomson. A mash up of Batman and Superman the character became instantly popular with kids and adults.

Drawn by John Geering and written by Steve Bright young Eric Wimp turns into the bumbling superhero Bananaman when he eats, surprisingly enough, a banana. Along with his sidekick Crow he battles baddies from Dr Gloom to Weatherman!

The character was so successful he soon became the front page lead on Nutty and got his own cartoon show with voices from the Goodies! The Man of Peel also featured in a successful musical.

When Nutty folded in 1985 Bananaman went over to the Dandy. He also moved to the Beano in 2012 and is featured on this weeks cover to celebrate his birthday.

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