Self Made Hero Spring line up of comics

Self Made Hero have announced their spring line up of comics for 2020

[Giftbook – Art / Hardback / Colour / 112pp / RRP £14.99]
Writer: Harry De Paepe
Art: Jan Van Der Veke
Translator: Albert Gomperts

Expanding the infinite possibilities of visual narratives, The Mystic Lamb explores the intriguing mystery of Jan Van Eyk’s much admired Ghent Altarpiece that has proved to be one of the world’s most sought-after pieces of art. Flemish history teacher Harry De Paepe teams up with illustrator Jan Van Der Veken to offer a humorous, easy-to- read series of illustrated anecdotes.
[Original-Fiction / Paperback / Colour / 128pp / £14.99]
Words: David Rault
Art: Cédric Taling
Translator: Edward Gauvin
Living in Paris, surrounded by relentless consumerism and growing climate change, Cédric starts questioning his life choices aided by the guiding spirit of 19th century proto- environmentalist Henry David Thoreau. Creator Cédric Taling humorously explores the impact of the ecological and financial stress on our lives, to explore the consequences of our current environmental crisis.
[Biography / Hardback / Colour / 240pp / RRP £16.99]
Writer: Jurga Vilė
Art: Lina Itagaki
Translators: Jura Avizienis and Jurga Vilė
June 1941. A Lithuanian village awakes to the arrival of the Soviet Army. Young Algiukas’s family are given minutes to pack before being sent by freight train to Siberia, where they are forced to start a new life in brutal new conditions. Based on the true story of her father, writer Jurga Vilé, along with artist Lina Itagaki, offers an award-winning, unforgettable tale of a childhood in exile.
[Non-Fiction / Paperback / Colour / 240pp / RRP £15.99]
Writer: Jean-Noël Fabiani
Art: Philippe Bercovici
Translator: Edward Gauvin
Surgeon-turned-writer Jean-Noël Fabiani and artist Philipp Bercovici dissect the significant moments in the history of medicine, from aspirins and blood-letting, to viagra and X-rays. Taking us from the Middle Ages to the present day, Medicine highlights the often surprising medical breakthroughs that have contributed to our current state of healthcare, and offers an entertaining and educational tonic.
[Biography / Hardback / Colour / 240pp / RRP £16.99]
Writer: Olivier Bocquet and Jean-Marc Rochette
Art: Jean-Marc Rochette
Translator: Edward Gauvin
From the co-creator of Snowpiercer, Altitude offers an exhilarating, autobiographical account of artist Jean-Marc Rochette’s early life as a mountain climber. Together with co-writer Olivier Bocquet, they craft an impassioned tale of how physical endurance can help scale dreams and mountain peaks.
[Non-Fiction / Paperback / Colour / 232pp / RRP £16.99]
Writer: Benoist Simmat
Art: Daniel Casanave
Translators: Edward Gauvin
The history of wine is also a bottled history of civilization. With the help of artist Daniel Casanave, French journalist and wine specialist Benoist Simmat uncorks the story of wine and explores the cultivation, art and science of wine-making around the globe, from ancient Greece to the vineyards of Burgundy and Napa Valley. The perfect
accompaniment to any glass of chablis or merlot.
[Original Fiction / Hardback / Colour / 80pp / RRP £14.99]
Writer: Thomas Von Steinaecker
Art: Barbara Yelin
Translator: John Reddick
A beautifully nuanced reflection on the day-to-day realities of getting old, seen through the eyes of Gerda Wendt as she reflects on her younger years, and a heartbreaking choice between love and her passion for astrophysics. Best-selling German author Thomas Von Steinaecker teams with critically acclaimed artist Barbara Yelin to answer the eternal question, ‘have I lived a happy life?’.

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