Full Yancy St Nominations and Winners

img_5510-1The Yancy St Awards took place at Edinburgh ComicCon on 6th April 2019.

Here are the nominations and eventual winners – does it include your favourite?

Best International Writer

Nominees: Brian Michael Bendis, Tom King, Kieron Gillen

Winner: Tom King

Best International Artist

Nominees:  Frank Quietly, Greg Capullo, Lee Bermejo

Winner: Frank Quietly

Best International Colourist

Nominees: Jordie Bellaire, Sunny Gho, Gaby Epstein

Winner: Jordie Bellaire

Best International Newcomer

Nominees: Erin Keepers, Russell Mark Olson
Winner: Erin Keepers
Best Superhero Comic

Nominees: Immortal Hulk, Batman Damned, Mister Miracle

Winner: Immortal Hulk

Best Action Comic

Nominees: Hit-Girl, Aliens Dead Orbit, Criminal

Winner: Criminal

Best Humour Comic

Nominees: Archie, Penned Guin, Grumble, Beano

Winner: Grumble (Mike Norton is guest at con)

Best Horror Comic

Nominees: Bitter Root, Bone Parish, Gideon Falls

Winner: Bone Parish

Best OGN/Trade

Nominees: Green Lantern Year One,

Winner: Green Lantern Year One

Best Cover

Nominees: Captain America #3 (Alex Ross), Mister Miracle 12 VAriant (Mitch Gerads), Doctor Aphra Annual #1 (Phil Noto)

Winner: Captain America #3 (Alex Ross)

Best UK Writer

Nominees:  George Lennox, Fraser Campbell, Dave Cook, John Farman

Winner: George Lennox

Best UK Artist

Nominees: Craig Paton, Catriona Laird, Russel Mark Olsen

Winner: Russel Mark Olsen

Best UK Single Issue

Nominees: Red Rocket Comet #1, Lady Hollywood #1, The Edge Off #1

Winner: Red Rocket Comet #1

Best OGN/Trade

Nominees: Nasty Girls, Killtopia, Sink

Winner: Killtopia

Best UK Cover

Nominees: The Edge Off (Frank Quietly), Nasty Girls (Gary Erskine), Lady Hollywood 1 (Alex Ronald), Generation Gun #1

Winner: The Edge Off (Frank Quietly)

Best Comic Movie/TV Show

Nominees: Krypton, Titans, Infinity War

Winner: Krypton 

Best Specialist Publication

Nominees: Starburst, ComicScene, Back Issue

Winner: ComicScene

Best Specialist Website

Nominees: Comics Anonymous, Bleeding Cool, Downthetubes.com, Big Comic Page

Winner: Bleeding Cool

Best Specialist Podcast

Nominees: 11 O’Clock Comics, Awesome Comics Podcast, Working Comics

Winner: 11 O’Clock Comics

Overall Contribution

Special award to Kevin Nowlan

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