SelfMadeHero announce ‘Basquiat’ and ‘Cannabis – An American History’

SelfMadeHero is delighted to announce the publication of Julian Voloj and Søren Glosimodt Mosda’s graphic biography BASQUIAT
 Hugely influential, especially on street art and hip-hop, Jean-Michel Basquiat has become a legend since he emerged on the New York art scene in the 1980s, feted by Warhol and Bowie and dating Madonna. Since his untimely death at the age of 27, his global popularity has skyrocketed. Julian Voloj and Søren Mosdal create a vivid picture of Basquiat’s life and times, from the SAMO graffiti project to the development of the addiction that would cost him his life. This is the latest volume in SelfMadeHero’s acclaimed Art Masters series  (136PP/ colour). RRP £14.99
Publication date: 9th May

Box Brown’s CANNABIS: An American History.

From the acclaimed creator of Tetris and Andre The Giant a timely and revealing history of cannabis in America. Box Brown traces the long and troubled relationship between cannabis culture and the U.S. establishment, from the drug’s arrival in the country (by means of an immigrant labour force), through dishonest and discriminatory campaigns spearheaded by legislators and the press, to the drug’s Schedule 1 classification. At a time of widespread legalisation in the States and fierce debate over the drug’s use for medicinal purposes in the UK, Box Brown hits a new high. (256pp/ B&W) RRP £14.99).
Publication date: 2nd April 

ComicScene think SelfMadeHero are bringing out a strong roster of titles this year, including Guantanamo Kid, Blossoms In Autumn, Memoirs of A Book Thief and Maggy Garrison. You should give them all a try. More at

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