Cursed Earth to be focus of new Dredd TV series – April Fool 2019!

Here at ComicScene Towers we hear the classic Pat Mills/John Wagner/Brian Bolland and Mike McMahon story The Cursed Earth is to be the focus of the first series of Judge Dredd.

No casting details have been announced, with fans hoping for Karl Urban to take on the role of Dredd. It is understood the series will focus on the Judges in Mega City and how Dredd’s mission will impact on their everyday lives in present time and with flashbacks prior to the mission taking place. This will allow the series to explore the history leading up to the development of the Mega City and the Judges.

What is clear is that Judge Death is not expected to make an appearance, which will be disappointing to some fans. However if the series is successful it’s expected the Dark Judges will be the focus of early episodes of series 2.

At ComicScene Towers we can’t wait!

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