War Across Europe Trilogy comes to an end

5211Brand new Commando issues #5211 – 5214 are out this Thursday! They’ve got fighting jazzmen in Italy, bicycles to Dunkirk, and a giant gun on the loose! Plus, the final issue of the WAR ACROSS EUROPE trilogy!

5211: Home of Heroes: WAR ACROSS EUROPE: Revenge!

The final issue of WAR ACROSS EUROPE is here and vengeance is nigh! In this instalment, Stefan comes face to face with his arch-nemesis, Kriminaldirektor Hans Keller, a vile gestapo agent and the person who killed his best friend. With the help of French Resistance member, Maria, Stefan will have his revenge!

| Story | Iain McLaughlin | Art | Morhain & Defeo | Cover | Neil Roberts |

5212: Gold Collection: None So Brave

Get ready to get jazzed up, cool cats – if you can dig it, daddy-o! Eric Hebden’s jazz musician, Nicky Quinn, could really blow a trumpet, but when it came to the war he wanted to jive straight outta there, man! But Quinn and his jazz band are about to meet their match in Sergeant Major Jake Bradley who’s as tone deaf as he is determined to make those jazzmen into soldiers!

| Story | E Hebden | Art | CT Rigby | Cover | Penalva |

Originally Commando No. 630 (1972).

5213: Action and Adventure: Battle Blisters

Graeme Neil Reid bursts into the scene with another vibrant cover! This time bringing George Low’s “Lanky Larry” to life as he heads towards Dunkirk on his unusual transport! This slapstick comedy will have you falling off your seat, but first – on your bike, sunshine!

| Story | George Low | Art | Jaume Forns | Cover | Graeme Neil Reid |

5214: Silver Collection: Hunt that Gun!

How do you stop a psychotic Nazi hell-bent on destroying the British with his gigantic gun? Well, you’ve got to find it first! Ian Kennedy really lends credence to the K5 railway gun’s sheer size and stature with a stupendous wrap-around cover, which really attests to the magnitude of the evil weapon in Alan Hemus’ story!

| Story | Alan Hemus | Art | Gordon C Livingstone | Cover | Ian Kennedy |

Originally Commando No. 2719 (1993).


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