Corker! is coming…

Corker! a new comic book is coming to U.K. newsstands – bundled FREE with ComicScene UK Issue 2.

After the success of the Great Big ComicScene Annual 2019, which brought together material from top comic creators, current work from indie and small press publishers and early work from established creators the team at ComicScene were keen to showcase more comic strips in the magazine.

Corker! brings together 16 pages of articles on classic comics from Lew Stringer plus strips that already appeared in ComicScene including Whackoman! and work from Mr Jimer. It also features humour comics from John Farrelly, Ed Doyle and Alan Holloway. There is drama too from the creators of Apollo comic, which featured in the very first pilot issue of ComicScene, in ‘Our Land’.

This follows Pat Mills article in the current issue suggesting getting your work in ComicScene is one of a variety of ways to get into comics as a career.

Editor Tony Foster explains, “The comic supplement evolved, with creators such as Chris Baker and Matt Finch contributing their story, illustrated by Francis Totti. We didn’t just want to write about comics, we wanted people to actually see and read some of the material we are covering.

Corker! is an eclectic fun format that lends itself to revisiting full issues of great small press and indie comics, previewing new ones, showcasing new talent or early work of top creators and revisiting some old favourites from classic reprints or new material if publishers are happy to do so. We are dipping our toe and see what the reaction is, particularly as we have such wide distribution across the U.K. and Ireland to highlight all the great comic work going on at the moment.”

It was recently noted by Steve Merchant from the Cartoon Museum that Corker! was the title of a dummy comic produced by Denis Gifford and Bob Monkhouse in the 1940’s. Tony continued, “When we heard that we thought it was a nice touch and in keeping with ComicScene – remembering and appreciating our comic heritage and celebrating the new too. Corker! feels like such an upbeat title, happy to break all the rules of how comics should be done and, along with the core of the magazine, direct people to what’s out there.”

Corker and Core – sounds like a winning combination!

Sold out in print you can buy the 320 page Great Big ComicScene Annual 2019 in digital for only £5, saving £5 in the ComicScene Sale. Get it here

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