ComicScene Issue 1 Cover Revealed

The first monthly newsstand issue of ComicScene Magazine has been revealed.

The issue can be purchased or ordered in WHSmith, McColls, Easons (Ireland), any UK newsagent, Comic Shops and is available to pre order at – it comes out nationwide on 21st February.

Issue 1 features;

Part One of Football Comics including Striker, Billy’s Boots and Roy of the Rovers,

Part One of a three part look at Marvel UK,

Part One of an eight part series on 80 years of Batman – the 1930s,

Superman the Novel,

Tributes to Mike Western and Ron Smith,

Preview of comic movies including Captain Marvel and Shazam,

The comic price guide,

Preview of forthcoming ComicCons,

Latest indie and small press releases

Pat Mills on Marshal Law and more!

You can also catch up with ComicScene with a £5 offer for the last 3 issues (Vol 1 Issues 3 & 4 and Vol 2 the Pilot Issue) or get all current issues in digital for £5 (over 400 pages) at

Roy of the Rovers is copyright Rebellion Publishing Ltd.

All other characters copyright their respective creators and publishers.

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