Break the Cake

We recently featured Wow Retracted by David Robertson in ComicScene UK Volume 1.  

Break the Cake is a one man anthology – at least as far as the writing goes. “Goody, Star Wars” outlines a lifetime spent as a fan. “Jonathan Swift: I am a Fraud” sees the famous author give insight into his work. A day in the life of DR is presented in “Hourly Comic Day 2018.” Considering a mid-life crisis in “Tea Break at the Razor Factory”. Humiliation in the home economics class in “Big Bubbles”. Examining barriers to success in “Minty McAllister, Lady Journalist”. The temptation to steal is strong when you go “Into the Comics Archive.” There’s a tribute to the Associates singer in “That was Billy Mackenzie!” A strange visitor from outer space in “Dog Walker”. Fred Egg himself appears in “Out to Lunch!” – based on the Twinkies ads of the 70s and 80s. And there’s more! I have 14 different short stories written by me, with art by 14 others as listed above, on topics such as bike riders, baguettes, co-workers, spoilers, Descartes, seedless grapes, chewing gum, everything in moderation, Shatner and Pine, Moody Blues, God, talk radio, dinosaurs, and puffer fish.

To order and buy the book go to


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