ComicScene supporting Small Press and Indie Comics

ComicScene has arrived in newsagents such as WHSmith, McColls and Easons (in Ireland) this month meaning they can give more coverage of comics to a wide audience, including small press and indie titles.

In the latest issue they take a closer look at 24 Panels, Indie Comic Awards, the 25 Best Indie and Small Press titles of 2018, take a closer look at the Pipedream Comic Community Award Winner and the Netflix of Indie Comics ‘Comichaus’.

Publisher Tony Foster said, “Having published 13 copies of our own small press comic in the late 80’s / early 90’s (Atomic) we are very excited about the small press and indie comics that are available today. When we realised we were going to be able to promote comics to a wider audience through newsagents as well as comic shops we made sure we could give ample space to small press and indie comics.”

ComicScene have also started a Facebook ComicScene Comic Mart Page for small press publishers to announce their kickstarters and sell their comics. There website now has a ComicCon and ComicEvent ‘Poster Wall’ to advertise Kickstarter launches. Pat Mills also suggested would be creators get exposure in ComicScene to get their work known. Indeed a few artists have already done that and gone on to get their work in books such as ‘Doctor Who:The Women Who Lived’ or work with new publishers on their forthcoming material.

ComicScene also recently added 10 year old Drew Marr’s comics onto their shop website and launched their ‘event book’ – the Great Big Comic Scene Annual 2019, featuring several small press and indie creators and comics.

Tony went on to explain, “It started off as a one off Atomic special featuring work from our alumni such as Simon Fraser (Nikolai Dante), Garry Marshall (Missionary Man) and John Erasmus (Accident Man) and just grew in scope from 32 to 320 pages. As the project developed we were able to offer established creators the chance to experiment with projects, such as Simon Furman and Geoff Senior on ‘To The Death’ or revisit some of the best small press and indie comics out there. We also feature some new material from some creators, including 10 year old Drew Marr, who came forward and took the opportunity to be involved. On top of the exposure we are also able to pay the creators a (very) small royalty for each copy sold and they get to keep copyright to their work. Working together with established creators revisiting an old idea, early small press work, some top class indie material and some new stories we’ve created something that has had a positive response so far. If it sells well over 2019 it may be something we will do again”

“Its all been quite exciting. Alongside the great work of those who have championed small press for years ComicScene, with nationwide coverage, now offers a platform to casual and lapsed comic readers who might be willing to pick up something new. Atomic got featured in the NME in the 90s and it was a bit of a thrill, so we went out and bought several copies! I hope all creators or anyone who just loves comics can buy at least one copy a month so we can provide that same thrill for the next generation of creators and get their work out there.”

Check out the ComicScene online shop at for the annual and ComicScene Magazine.

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