Titan Magazines cancel all DC reprints

Titan Magazines have cancelled all their DC Comic range reprints on UK newsstands.

Titan recently reprinted the Brian Michael Bendis Superman 1000 and Man of Steel series and also a one short special to tie in with the new Aquaman movie. The announcement has come as a complete surprise to many U.K. comic fans.

Rumours are now circulating if the licence will be picked up by Egmont or Panini comics or if DC have other ideas similar to their 100 page WalMart specials in the US. They recently launched four regular titles, available in the supermarket chain and not US comic shops, featuring new and reprint material including Superman, Batman, Titans and Justice League and a one off Halloween Swamp Thing special.

Once we hear any news we will let you know right here on ComicsFlix.org – the online news site of ComicScene Magazine.

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