DC’s new Black Label is not only going to bring you new comics such as ‘Batman The Damned’ and ‘Batman White Knight’. It’s also going to revisit some classic stories in new graphic novel format throughout 2019 including ‘The Watchman’.

Scheduled titles include Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely ‘All Star Superman’, Darwyn Cooke ‘DC – The New Frontier’, Frank Miller with ‘Ronin’, ‘All Star Batman and Robin’, ‘Batman Year One’ and his ‘Dark Knight’ series, Grant Morrison and Dave McKean ‘Arkham Asylum’, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean ‘Black Orchid’, Mark Millar’s ‘Red Son’ and Alan Moore and Brian Bolland ‘Killing Joke’.

In total there will be twenty or so Black Label books during 2019 – and at ComicScene UK we will be revisiting them all for you every step of the way. http://www.comicscene.tictail.com