Tripwire join forces with ComicScene UK from November

From issue four of Comic Scene UK, out in November, the new film and TV section in the magazine will be coming courtesy of Tripwire Magazine. Starting life as a magazine back in 1992, Tripwire switched to the web in 2015. Now the UK’s pre-eminent comics and genre website, Tripwire will be putting together the TV and film section in Comic Scene UK every month.

“We are very excited to be collaborating regularly with Comic Scene, as they have been doing some great work since they launched this spring. We have been contributing articles to the magazine so far but with it made sense to further cement our relationship in this way. The first section will include a roundup of New York Comic Con, a look at the 15th anniversary of The Walking Dead and more,” Tripwire’s editor-in-chief Joel Meadows revealed.

Tony Foster, Publisher of ComicScene UK, went on to say, “With UK creators and comic characters coming to film and TV this seems an ideal time to introduce coverage in the magazine.  Grant Morrison on Happy, Mark Millar Netflix deal, Watchman and Judge Dredd shows in the works, suggestions that there may be Captain Britain and V For Vendetta shows and the Rogue Trooper film are all very exciting developments.  Alongside coverage on major comic movies and TV shows as well as look back at 40 years of Superman the Movie and 30 years of Michael Keaton in Batman we think this addition to the magazine will be a welcome one for readers.”

Tripwire is also the producer of the Portsmouth Comic Con each May.

Tripwire can be found online at

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