Assault on Lochore this weekend

Of all the ComicCons that have come to our e mail box and social feeds one has has certainly peaked our interest which is a throughly unique British comic meeting and swap event – the Assault of Lochore!

More details, location and times can be read on the fantastic DownTheTubes blog here.

Put together by Colin Noble, who contributes a number of articles in ComicScene UK Issue 3, this event has the wonderful artist Ian Kennedy in attendance. Ian is also featured in Issue 3 of ComicScene UK in our ‘Commando’ special articles, including as yet unseen covers from the Commando comics to be released in November.

If we weren’t on a current Uni Open Days tour rather than a Comic Event tour we’d be there this weekend.

It’s an exciting time to be interested in the medium of comics, particularly U.K. ones, as our website has been reporting this week. We think this is a great initiative and we wish it every success.

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