Issue 3 of ComicScene UK

The full cover and content of ComicScene UK issue 3 is revealed today – you can pre order the title now at

There are a few surprises including the Return of Roy of the Rovers, rarely seen material from Carlos Ezquerra, never before seen pictures of Stan Lee last U.K. and Europe comic conventions and from one elder comic statesman to one of the youngest creators working in comics today, Drew Marr.

It’s also the War Issue and there is an exclusive look at new Ian Kennedy covers for the forthcoming Commando series in November. There are also articles on James Bond, Fury, Battle Picture Library, Rogue Trooper, The Happy Warrior, Giles War, Jacques Tardi, The Rat Pack, Black Max, Invasion, Warlord, Third World War, The War Doctor, True War, Finding Albert, Deja Who, Whakoman and El Mestizo.

The issue has s tie in and will be available at the Lakes Comic Art Festival, which this year features Scottish creators including Drew Marr, Ian Kennedy and the creators behind the hit sensation Killtopia, who all feature in the magazine.

We also launch our dedicated eight page supplement to small press, indie and self publishing ‘The State of Independents’.

If that wasn’t exciting enough it’s all wrapped up in an original Charley’s War cover by Charlie Gillespie and Pat Mills has his ‘Last Word’ on the character in his monthly column.

Pre order your copy of ComicScene UK Issue 3 by end of September and receive it before the 15 October publishing date.

Issue 4 is out mid November and is the Magic and Horror Issue. Don’t miss it!

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