Killtopia – the ComicScene UK Review


When preparing ComicScene UK Magazine over the last year there has been one kickstarter title that stood out, and I’m glad to see it’s soon to unleashed to the comic buying public as it is a doozy that delivers.

The genesis and marketing of ‘Killtopia’ has been fascinating to watch.  I’ve not been to many ComicCons  but the few I did attend writer Dave Cook has been there talking up his title, like a band playing early gigs and doing their hard graft before entering the world stage.  Indeed his approach opened up the world of kickstarters to me and I’m happy to say our ComicScene UK Magazine coverage of indie, small press and self publishing is to expand because of it.

Sure, it wears it’s influences both in the writing and art on it’s sleeve.  However the story  is clear and the characters such as Shinji and Stiletto are strong and well conceived.  There is enough supporting characters to compliment them without taking away from the narrative of the story.  There is also a dark sense of humour which is well balanced.  The script could be adapted as a screenplay very easily.  Kids would love Crash, the worlds first sentient mech, and a parallel story that emulates today’s automation revolution.

The art by Craig Paton is truly amazing.  It brings a city alive with some fantastic pieces of work which, without words, you can pour over and learn more about the world in which you have been transported. The colour palette used has made this title stand out the most, really pulling out that this is a fresh and exciting piece of work.  Full marks to Robin Jones for the lettering to, which is never overbearing.

They say most people have one great album in them.  The truth could be said of comic creators.  This is an exceptional piece of work and if never bettered everyone involved can be proud of what they have achieved.  This is a fantastic, well constructed story which ends making you want more, a rare thing.   I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see it in print with a tight, fresh instalment and a definitive and satisfying conclusion.  Good work!

Expect more about Killtopia in issue 3 of ComicScene UK – pre order at

Published by BHP comics Killtopia is out 3rd October for £8.99





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