Help get ComicScene UK into newsagents – crowdfunder launch

When ComicScene UK was originally announced we intended to be subscription only. But there was a request by many comic fans to get the magazine into comic shops and, if possible, newsagents.

We have interest from the newsagents to do that and have launched a crowdfunder to achieve it at

Comic shops such as Forbidden Planet saw early copies of Issue 0 and wanted to stock it. Other comic shops followed suit and recently Diamond agreed to distribute the magazine to all comic shops who order it.

However you consistently encouraged us to get into newsagents, reaching out to more comic fans and those who may be interested in classic and new comics. We investigated the option and in a short time we got a resounding yes that over 600 newsagents would like to stock the magazine.

There is an annual cost to that, which we intend to absorb in future. In the short term, as everything has happened so fast, we are turning to you to help achieve getting ComicScene UK on the high street. This will also help us get to the number of sales to help fund comic workshops for young people across the U.K (and any extra funds we make will make that happen soon too!)

So we have decided to crowdfund to get ComicScene UK into newsagents and get the necessary marketing support to make people know about the title and promote comics and comic reading.

We hope you can help. Please pledge as little or as much as you can. Help us reach the goal (and hopefully smash it!) and show that we all love comics and there is a lot of life left in this vibrant and exciting medium. And when you see ComicScene UK on the shelves of your local WH Smith you can say I helped to do that!

You can make your pledge here or, if you’d like to subscribe to the magazine go to

To kick this off we thought we’d share the new original cover for Issue 3 of ComicScene UK featuring Charley’s War by Charlie Gillespie. You can get this print as part of one of the pledges in the Crowdfunder.

Pledges are already coming in and we have four weeks to raise £5000+.

We hope you can help and share the project.

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