ComicScene UK Review – Little Heroes


Little Heroes charity is a very worthy cause that sends comic making kits for children to hospital and health organisation across the UK.  This second anthology is part of the ongoing fund-raising efforts and again features a smattering of current indie UK talents telling stories around a loose theme – this time Family, with all the creators involved have meeting that brief in a variety of different ways. The majority of the tales here zip along quickly to satisfying light gag conclusions, yet two stand apart. Clare Spiller’s wonderful Tooth + Claw is less of a comic and more an illustrated poem, but the beautiful artwork across its three pages easily makes it the anthology highpoint. On the other hand the eight page Mandy the Monster Hunter short surprises with an unexpectedly horrific tone. It’s a good story, but it’s one that seems intended for a very different audience than this bright, vibrant and kid-friendly anthology seems aimed at.

Written by Steve Tanner

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