Warrior is back (kind of!)

Dez Skinn has released the original mock up version of Warrior magazine.

It’s a very interesting product and will appeal to a dedicated niche market of comic fans enjoying a wave of comic nostalgia. If you have a complete Warrior collection you will want this.

ComicsFlix Towers were big fans – even naming our own small press comic at the time after the code word Mike Moran used to change into Marvelman (Kimota / Atomic – fact fans!)

In its pages you will find Abslom Daak, drawn by the late Steve Dillon (the artist featured in our very own ComicScene UK Issue 0) who became Axel Pressbutton, New Raven (which became V For Vendetta) and early concept art and episodes from stories that did and didn’t appear from the likes of Ian Kennedy, Ian Gibson, Steve Parkhouse, John Bolton and David Lloyd.

You can also find the original intention to print new Marvelman / Miracleman stories which continue today. There is also talk of a V For Vendetta TV show at Channel 4.

Details of how to pick up this Warrior special below. ComicScene UK Issue 2 will also feature an article on the title. Order ComicScene UK at http://www.comicscene.tictail.com

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