Rogue Trooper movie announced

Duncan Jones has announced he will direct a new Rogue Trooper movie.

It is expected Jones, a big Rogue Fan, will also write the movie. It is not clear if this is based on the script Grant Morrison was working on, although that was for another production company so unlikely.

Jones confirmed in a statement the film will be heavily influenced by the Gerry Finlay Day and Dave Gibbons era of the genetic infantryman and his three bio chip buddies.

This announcement follows hot on the heels of Rogue Trooper console games and fan movies. Jones confirmation was greeted with glee from fans.

2000AD properties are becoming quite hot now with Rogue Trooper announced and the recent announcement things are moving forward with the Dredd TV show.

ComicScene UK will be featuring the genetic infantryman in a feature scheduled for the October issue. You can pre order at

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