Rebellion Productions announced at San Diego Comic Con this week that 2000AD Dredd writer Rob Williams has completed the script for a Dredd TV Show pilot and that the first two seasons of the show have been mapped out. It is scheduled to be an ensemble piece.

Following the recent movie there is a growing hope that Karl Urban may reprise the role of Dredd but no word if Donald Trump will play Judge Cal! It has always been felt that Dredd may suit a TV format with the potential of capturing classic storylines and black humour that the comic strip is best known for. Feelings are high that the announced creative team can deliver that.

At ComicsFlix Towers we are very excited. We have a number of future articles on UK comic characters set to become TV and film shows planned for ComicScene magazine and we hope to be your guide all the way to the binge watch!

You may also be interested to know that in the reproduction of the AKA Tapes featuring 2000AD from 1983 early discussions on Dredd films and TV shows are discussed by the editorial team. You can get a copy in print or digital at – check it out for more details.